About Us

First and foremost, WE ARE NOT A PUPPY MILL. We do not cross our puppies with their brothers and sisters and our puppies are all pure bred.

My family and i have been lab breeders since 2016. Every minute of it has been exciting as i get to work with my wife, my sons and my daughters.

All of our puppies are AKC registered as we take pride in the health and personality of our dogs. They are all raised with lots of love and care from their first breath.

Labrador Retriever puppies are great companions due to their loyalty, obedience and loving nature towards their owners. The moment you own one, you find yourself unable to have to live without them.

Recently, we have gotten the legal authorization to ship our puppies to their buyers provided the puppy is more than 6 weeks old. However, we have a series of legal expectations we have to meet before being granted the right to ship. These rules are set up for health purposes, comfort and security of the puppies during the shipment process.

Our puppies are shipped by air with priority status to all airports that accept pet shipments. Shipment costs have been made fairly affordable so every buyer is able to benefit from this service. The total cost of shipment varies as it is derived from how far you are from us. We do only express shipments so that the puppy reaches the destination as fast as possible, usually taking a duration of 72 hours (three days) to 96 hours (four days) maximum to be delivered. Take note that this duration is calculated from the day of shipment and not when the puppy has been paid for.

Every puppy is VET CHECKED before being shipped to you to be sure they are healthy and fit for travel and adoption.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all our puppies. They are bred with so much love and it is our goal for you to love and care for them for LIFE!